100 days of writing: cigarettes, voting, and guns

What ideas came to you recently from daydreaming? 

All of them? The only benefit(?) of having a 6 hour commute is having time to let your brain wander.

  • the so far in the story bullet dodging Janine having to finally come clean
  • Sharon and her boyfriend being confronted by her brother
  • any of the recent developments, i guess

Had a realization on the drive back last night about why i struggle with writing prompts but I gots no fucks to type it out. Maybe Monday. I dunno.

Try and make your weekend good folks. Thanks for reading.

Smut and dimensional shifts and… more editing.

“So book one is done?”

Yes and no. Still need to check:

  • Character voice
    Should be pretty quick as I think everyone is on point after changes to draft 02
  • Time
    Making sure it’s obvious when time has passed
  • Copy edits
    This one isn’t happening anytime soon as I would need to pay an actual person to tell me how bad I am at tense, punctuation, and paragraph structure. No spare dough for this in the foreseeable future.

I’m okay with that third one as I wanted to get three or four in before I considered making an attempt to sell/print.

“So you’re picking book two back up?”

Yes and no. I will be working on B02C04 as well as some lingering remnants of B01 I really want/need to finish.

  • AU
    The A and B timelines branch from this book and they’re all Nancy. I kinda want to knock out the first three chapters of the B timeline while I’m still in her head. The A timeline is essentially just two sex scenes. Speaking of…
  • Sex scenes
    Not super important but I would like to finish them just to really close out B01. Gotta be in the mood to write smut though.

Aight, that’s it for me today. Gotta finish actual work stuff and hit the road to Eastabutchie. Thanks for reading! ^_^

100 days of writing: drivers license

Do you have prophecies and superstitions as part of the world building in your WIP? Could you add some? 

None for Legacy. Again close enough to real Earth that it’s all the same stuff. So, lets shift to the D&D world where this applies.

I’ve always found it interesting for a fantasy world to have boogeymen that go bump in the night, when there are literal monsters right around the corner. So, I find it fun to take real world horrors/fears and make them the superstitions.

  • The grey elves, the first to gain sapience from creation, enslaved the other non-elven races for a couple thousand years. It’s now a thousand or so years past the emancipation and parents will threaten their children with selling them to the greys if they act up or say that greys stalk the shadows to steal bad kids. This of course speaks to their real fear of being enslaved.
  • I lied, there are boogeymen: Trolls. Intelligent, very strong, and hella hard to kill (regeneration will do that) ‘monsters’ that hunt other races for sport. Even the martial races and more militant societies get nervous at the mention of a possible troll sighting.
  • No one pays attention to the crazy guy on the corner yelling about the end of the world. Yet some leaderships/governments in the world know that something was around before the greys started recording time. There are pieces of architecture that don’t match any races construction style, books with metal pages written in a language that even magic can’t decipher, and pieces of odd technology that react chaotically when modified (destroyed half the original mage college creating a magic dead zone and gave life to war golems). They’ve also found hurried depictions in remote places around the world of giant monsters destroying civilization. So, maybe the street prophets are right? And if so, how long before it happens again?
  • After the beast army over ran the mountain dwarves in their home they had intended to set up shop there. Nothing like wearing your old enemies clothes as stunt on anyone who would try you right? They abandoned it shortly after, saying that something inside was killing any who dared enter. Some say its the ghosts of the dwarves defending their homes. Others say Death itself decided set up shop in there due to the genocide that happened.

There’s probably some more but that’ll do for now. Thanks for reading! ^_^

100 days of writing: learners permit

Does your WIP have fairytales? Do your characters tell mythical stories to each other? 

NOPE! It’s Alternate Earth, but still close enough that they have all the same stuff we have.

So, were going to pull it back to the day when my idiocy made me answer wrong.

Look at your characters… and be honest. Do you have a type? 


Intelligent, strong women with no tolerance for bullshit.

The big three (Nance, Kat, and Janine) are all that. Friendly and nice til you cross that line. Then you’re getting cut. Plus it’s nice to show off that hard people also have tender sides and aren’t monsters all the time.

I know a lot of women like this in real life and gel pretty well with them (even if I do ride that line, lol). Plus, it’s fun to write them going off on someone deserving (and sometimes not deserving).

Thanks for reading! ^_^

100 days of writing: 14

Last entry of the day. Promise.

Do you have figures/creatures of folklore in your WIP? If not, can you think of something that would fit? 

After my foolishness yesterday, I’m actually reading this one. By folklore, they mean like mystical stuff right? Then yeah, there’s some vampire shit going on in book one. I had to add a whole ass prelude, chapter, and additional scene because it was originally only hinted at here and there until much later. Def prefer this sequence of events because I get fun characters to use more often.

Thanks for reading! ^_^

Neeeeerds: fun with numbers and graphs and spreadsheets

As tired as I was when I went to bed past midnight last night, I was kind of giddy about this part. What follows will be a numbers break down of words per chapter between draft 01 and draft 02. One graph for all to be bored by see. Everything else hidden for the ones of you who like this stuff.

Thanks for neeeerding with me! ^_^

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We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to inform you that at 11:40 eastern standard time last night SeanDixonWrites clicked save and close on the last chapter of Book 01 Draft 02. May the old gods and the new have mercy on our souls.

60 hours of on-fucking-fire editing later I’m done. Ugh. I am not built for such streaks but when you got it you gotta use it.

There is an entire discourse in my head right now. Me (logic and reason) says we need a break. Also me (emotion) wants to ride this pony out. Yeah nah. I’m spent.

Imma relax the rest of this week and do fun stuff like finish sorting out the soundtrack to Book 01, maaaaaaybe type up the three FCBs left for June, and a lot of nothing. lol

Thanks for reading! ^_________^

I am Jack’s complete lack of awareness

Yeeeaaaaah, so, I need to confess something.

I am a) an idiot, b) never actually read anything, I just skim/scan, and c) am dyslexic as fuck.

So when I saw the prompt this morning (b), I though it said chapters instead of characters (c). So my brain jumped to ‘how the fuck can you have a chapter type!?!?!’ (a).

So, I guess I will use that prompt on another day, put the cone of shame on, and go sit in the corner. lol

Damn it, Beavis. Thanks for reading! -_-

100 days of writing: 13

Look at your characters, maybe even the one you created yesterday, and be honest. Do you have a type? 

Umm, I have no idea what that means. lol So, instead I’m going to do chapter titles. Some do them. Some don’t. I like them. 

When I started this, I told myself there were two things I would never explain. One of them was my chapter titles. So without further ado, the chapter listing for Book 01 (which has one scene and four chapters left to edit!!!!)

Legacy Book 01

  1. School’s Out Forever
  2. Dawn of the First Day
  3. The Wagon
  4. Possibilities
  5. Thin Floors
  6. Big Shit Poppin
  7. Storm Brewing
  8. Pinky Toe
  9. Tall Ceilings
  10. Final Straw
  11. Soothing Troubled Waters
  12. Humility
  13. Unarmored
  14. Admiring the Scenery
  15. False Green
  16. Hello Again
  17. All I do is Win
  18. Rolling with the Punches
  19. High Level Negotiations
  20. A Day on the Farm
  21. Ready Player Two
  22. Taste Test
  23. A Night In
  24. Baby Face
  25. Reflections
  26. Executive Lunch
  27. No Call, No Show
  28. Stomach Bug
  29. Dread it, Run from it
  30. Hear ye, Hear ye
  31. Found Out
  32. Walking with the Dead Man
  33. Abandon All Hope
  34. What Happens Now

Thanks for reading! ^_^

Fictional Character Birthday: Jimmy Fresh

Jimmy’s theme

Today is the birthday of Hollywood star, Jimmy Fresh. He gets a couple mentions here and there in the first half of the story and then appears out of the blue in the second half.

In 2021, Jimmy’s been out work for several years despite having a string of big hits. Hollywood is a fickle beast and Jimmy is considering transitioning to behind the camera. He recently reconnected with some long lost family which helped his frame of mind.

Happy Birthday Jimmy!