Book 01
Chapter 30

Hear ye, Hear ye

Warning: Language
Word Count: 2998

Notes: There is such a struggle with supporting characters I love, that I wish I could fit in more. Thankfully, Billie, Eric, Sean, and Maurice will get more screen time in the next couple books.

I considered only dropping 29 today since I’m not done with 31. However, I want to get this thing done/posted before the end of the year so I can get into the 1.5 draft for the beta readers.

A third of the way done with 31 and 32 is still just in my head. Fortune favors the bold so it’s full speed ahead. Choo choo motherfucker!

Thanks for reading! ^_^
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Book 01
Chapter 29

Dread it, Run from it

Warning: Language
Word Count: 3597

Notes: Have you ever seen a boxing match between two equally matched opponents and neither ever gets the upper hand? Just twelve rounds of beating the hell out of each other. Yeah, that’s how I feel with this chapter. I’m sitting in my corner while the cut man presses the metal plate against my swollen face as I wait to go up and stand by the ref for the decision.

Who won? Me or this chapter? I have no fucking clue. lol

Thanks for reading. ^_^
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Signal Boost for a dope coloring book!

I’m going to break form here to signal boost this Kickstarter a friend is doing.

Kevin Jones, blackjesus33 on Instagram, is an amazing artist (did you look through his ‘gram?) and a good friend (he baby sits my cats when I’m out of town).

He’s done some character art work for Legacy and will be doing more for me in the future.

If you take a few moments to browse his Instagram you can see how impressive his style is.

So for $20 you can get a 100 page coloring book (print OR pdf) full of a variety of incredible pictures.

Pretty cheap if I do say so.


Book 01
Chapter 28

Stomach Bug

Warning: Language and Drug Use
Word Count: 3463

Notes: I have this one flagged as needing revision in the next round because it just feels… long. And not a good long.  

I debated posting two this round as it looks like 29 and I are going to go all 12 rounds. But this also lets me drop 29+30, then 31+32, and a single 33 as the last for book one.

Thanks for reading. ^_^

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Book 01
Chapter 26

Executive Lunch

Warning: Language and Semi-Graphic Sex
Word Count: 3922

Notes: So the plan was, for sex scenes, there would be a ‘fade to black’ moment once it was clear what was about to happen. The actual sex scene would then receive it’s own entry. This would allow people to bypass it if they didn’t want to read the down and dirty as well as letting me be more descriptive.

As the story evolved, the scene in this chapter turned into one I felt needed to be included in the main release. I couldn’t find a way to cut it without destroying the feeling I wanted to convey. So, I stripped out the more graphic description/details and arrived at what we have.

That said, holee shit, this one was a challenge with the highs and lows while trying to remain true to characters. I think one part I redid at least four times before it felt right (and this is only draft one).

In regards to the ‘Alternative Next’ in the navigation at the end. I always loved the What If? comics from Marvel so once the story progresses a decent amount I will come back and we will see what could have happened if one minor thing happened differently.

Thanks for reading. ^_^

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