Fictional Character Birthday: Nditi Dupree

Happy Birthday to Nditi Dupree, roomie and sous chef extraordinaire. Nditi’s very down to earth and no nonsense (until its time to party). She serves as the unofficial leader of the roomies. Nditi shows up toward the end of the parent’s arc and pops back in randomly.

In 2021, Nditi would be 31 and would following her birthday tradition of traveling abroad and sampling foods of the world.  

Happy Birthday, Nditi!

Author’s Notes:

– Nditi, like the rest of the roomies, came about due to me needing someone to occupy a house. She was random rolled in The Sims until I had a look and name I liked.

– Her personality comes from a friends mother who had NO TIME for foolishness in her house. She actually hit me with a pan when I cursed in her kitchen. lol


Book 02
Chapter 07


Warning: Language, Blasphemy, Drug Use
TLDR: Ikher has many visitors and Billie finds out some good news

Notes: Throwing this up to make the deadline and trying to GTFO of the mountains of PA. Any formatting errors I will fix.

Thanks for Reading! ^_^

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in limbo

Setting up a new warehouse in the mountains of PA and have little to no connection (cell or internet). Working in notepad aint as graceful but it gets the job done. Got FCB’s this Friday and Saturday. Friday is minor supporting cast but Saturday is That Fucking Guy. So I need to finish pregaming that.

Also should be said, Ive been trying to make this post since Monday. That tells you how bad it is up here. lol

Thanks for reading (nothing important)! ^_^

Fictional Character Birthday: Aracelli Munoz

Happy Birthday to Aracelli, littlest sister and the most subtle, yet biggest presence in the story. Ari’s the successor to Apsara in just about every way. Her first appearance is in B05 but doesn’t come to the spot light until B07.

In 2021, Ari would be 13 and coming to terms with who and what she actually is. Things quiet down this year before ramping up next. 

Happy Birthday Ari!

Ari’s Theme
Leave my sister alone!!!
The Circle is Complete
[Evil Ari] Theme
[Evil Ari] The power of knowledge

“The floating man took her and I couldn’t do anything.”
(It’s you, the girl from back then. You’ve barely aged.) “It’s only been a few years for me.”
(There’s no such thing as monsters or demons, right Ari?) “No, there are.” 
(What are they? Ghosts?) “Sort of. Spirit is a better term.”
(But, he’s family.) “He is but people have trouble understanding what we can do.”

Author’s Notes:
– Much like the oldest, the youngest child gets a lot of attention. Ari’s no different. She gets even more since she’s the one with the most sci-fi/supernatural parts.

– It’s always fun to write the weird characters. The otherworldly ones that freak everyone else out or have knowledge they shouldn’t.

– Ari was ‘special’ before anyone else, even Apsara. She’s gone through so many revisions to get rid of dumb shit like born when the planets were aligned or instead of just being able to see the dead, she could channel them by holding an item of theirs. Yeah, no. Dumb.

*Artbreeder is a finicky beast at best. Character portraits are as close as possible but may not show signature features mentioned in the books.

Spoilers: Family under the cut

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Rambling: at the crossroads

Take a month off. Ha. Silly me. So, I’m standing here at this three way (heh) intersection trying to decide where I’m gonna go.

Path A is forward motion working on B02 chapters 09 and 10. I think I’ve taken enough of a break.

Path B is backwards to add a scene to B01 that I had a lingering suspicion was needed. Got that feeling verified over the weekend.

Path C is a lateral move to push a couple chapters into Timeline B. I don’t think it would spoil any future bits if I pushed through 27B, 28B, and 29B

Progress is progress but damn it, I dunno!!!! >_<

Actually, I really would like to be done with B01, so backwards it is to add and shore up some stuff. But where to put the scene in….

Pregaming masochism

Chatted with the wife about doing Nano again. She said she didn’t feel ignored last year and if it’s helpful to getting shit done, I should totally do it again this year.


So, I worked out 36 scenes/chapters/parts of chapters that I can work on for B03. I feel positive about a lot of them since I either see them in my head or they’ve been in my head for a while. Will add more to the list just in case I’m not feeling a certain one on a certain day.

Plus for organization I’m gonna create a main doc with brief titles of each one i can make the individual day doc title. Trying to find shit from last year for B02 has been a pain in the dick.

Also, a second Nano means comparison Nano data! Spreadsheets and bar graphs here we come. Gods, I’m lame. lol

As far as B02, I’m still on C09 as I haven’t touched it since the NaNo2021 realization. Need to get back on that. I’m chapter up through…. Nov 15 if I keep posting through NaNo or Dec 15 if I don’t. That means October I need to get on my shit since I try to take a break after going non-stop.

Ah well, what else would I be doing with my life. lol

Thanks for reading! ^_^

Fictional Character Birthday: Samel Wiechlinghammer

Happy birthday to the mining and business mogul. Sam shows up toward the middle of the kids arc. 

In 2021, Samel would be 63. Any birthday celebrations would be short since the whole family would be dealing with the fall out from his brother being arrested and bringing a ton of bad press to the family name.

Keep your head up, Samel.

Wiechlinghammer Theme

“Let’s make a bet. I think I can guess your industry before you guess mine.”
“Oh no, my dear. I’m happily married. Though, I do have two strapping sons around your age.”

“My idiot brother and his obsessions got us where we are today. You can’t see our name without thinking about what he did to those models. That’s why I’m trying to rebrand.”

Spouse: Maja Ekstrand-Wiechlinghammer
Children: Fost Wiechlinghammer, Erik Wiechlinghammer

Author’s Notes:

– Samel came to me as I was doing the feeding frenzy. Opened up some fun interactions and let me create a link to another work of fiction.

 – The Wiechlinghammer’s don’t have Sim versions since they were side characters during Marcus’s creation/first appearance.

*Artbreeder is a finicky beast at best. Character portraits are as close as possible but may not show signature features mentioned in the books.

Rambling: the weekend edition

High five to Hallie for recommending In the Middle as the threesome song. Put it on repeat and doubled the word count (1500 now) for C09 last night. High five to me! Not even to the halfway point yet either. Cutting out the explicit bits should be interesting.

I keep going back and changing things. Which isn’t out of the ordinary for me but I think it’s more than normal in this chapter. Probably because Sun/Eric are still sorta new and disappear out of the main spotlight after this. Sun moves to guest appearances and Billie swaps in for Eric as the Billie/Dahlia arc starts and the Kat/Ikher stuff warms up.

I’ve noticed a trend last book (Candace/Ikher) and this one (Sun/Ikher/Eric) in that I’m doing the Family Guy thing where like the first third is essentially a side quest/story that only loosely ties to the main plot.

I know that resolves itself starting next book since Quinn is a major story line and I won’t have the pages to fuck about with something else unless I wanna hit 150k or something ridiculous like that. Interesting though, and something to keep an eye on.

Ever have a scene(s) that you are really looking forward to? Yeah, I think that’s also why I was having trouble with C09. C10 is back to Nance and an small event in E’s neighborhood. But then C11/12 is the solstice party where fun stuff happens and two big plot lines kick off. Yay.

Not gonna lie, it’s been nice having chapters pregamed and only having to add or subtract a bit from them. For that reason, I’m seriously considering doing NaNo again this year for B03. 50k in 30 days is ROUGH for me. I mean I suppose I could use it for Meridian and UCSO as well but man, 50k done for B03 would be AWESOME.

I guess I need to start outlining. >_<